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Supplier Membership Information

Luvana is the first of its kind, a unique platform for destination brides and grooms from around the world that are looking to get married away from home. They are looking for suppliers just like you to entrust their most special day with.

A basic listing is completely free and for the first 3 months, you can immediately get in front of bride and grooms who are looking for people just like you! Once the trial period is complete you will have the option to upgrade for a small fee.

You will have:

  • An integrated messaging system for bride and grooms to contact you so you can stay on top of enquiries.
  • A beautiful profile platform to really sell yourself to your potential clients.
  • A self selected audience of brides and grooms getting married abroad.

All of this for much less that you would pay to advertise on most social media platforms.

Never before has there been a dedicated planning tool for couples wishing to marry abroad.

Luvana will revolutionise the weddings abroad industry, finally providing a level field platform for you to showcase your business to potential bride and grooms, all searching for their ideal suppliers.

In a few minutes you can have a professional looking profile with or without having a real website and you can start accepting enquiries.


Upload up to 6 photographs to your profile and showcase the work you are most proud of to give couples an ideal of the amazing work you create. This is an ideal space to show the type of work that you would like to do more of.


Use the business description to tell your couples what you do, what makes you unique and why they should book you.

Social media links

We find weddings couples use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube most for research and inspiration so remember to upload your links so people can easily follow you.


Do you have a brilliant video or behind the scenes story of your business you’d like to share? Simply copy the video ID – the code after the “=” sign on the url for your video into the box on your profile page. (eg:


One of the most exciting things about our directory is couples can specifically search for suppliers nearest to where they are getting married so remember to select any locations you’re happy to work in or travel too.

Tell bride and grooms what you do.

Use the filters to tell potential bride and grooms what you can offer and give them a deeper insight into your business.

Special offers

If you wish to offer any seasonal deductions or promotions tell your couples about it – this can be edited and updated / removed as you wish.

Coming soon

In the next few months, we’ll be launching a wedding app to make it easier to keep on top of your business, on the go, 24/7.

You never need to miss an enquiry again.

We’ll also be opening the Luvana Business Forum. The idea behind this is that wedding businesses are generally operated with 1 or 2 people which can be very lonely. Creating friendships and partnerships with other wedding businesses, whether in a similar industry or not, can be very beneficial. You can discuss business ideas or problems to which others may have suggestions or solutions (we’ve all had tricky clients to deal with in the past) and even create financially beneficial partnerships.

Luvana Business will also be introducing business masterclasses. We’ll be partnering with experts in different fields of business to share their knowledge and expertise, all which you can implement and enjoy the results when you see your business flourish.

It’s harder than ever to cut through the noise and get in front of your ideal clients, I know this from experience running the Bridal Consultant, and we had a monthly budget of 1000euros per month for advertising.

Luvana is the perfect platform for you to present yourself in a professional dynamic way in-front of your ideal clients.

What does it cost to be a member of Luvana’s unique wedding directory?

The first 3 months on Luvana, are 100% free, after 3 months we’ll contact you to see if you wish to keep your listing, it is only at this time that we’ll take your payment details.

We’re offering 3 months free to you can see just how amazing Luvana is and how it can work to increase your enquiries immediately, we’re certain that after the first 3 months you’ll want to join the first directory and planning tool for destination bride and grooms.

How do I sign up for my Luvana Account?

Click here to go to Luvana’s sign up page, it’s easy and takes 30 minutes at the most depending on how much detail you want to include. We recommend making the most of your profile page to ensure the maximum amount of enquiries from potential couples.

I’ve forgotten my password!

Click here to reset your password, simply enter your username or registered email and then click on the ‘Reset my password’ button and you will then receive an email with further instructions to set a new password.

What are your terms and conditions for membership?

Please click here to read our terms and conditions.

How do I edit my profile and existing listing?

Sign into your account here and then click account settings to edit your account details or click edit listing to change your listing.

Still need to contact us?

Email and let us know what you need. Please ensure you save our email address to your safe sender email list to ensure you get our reply.