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About Luvana for couples

Welcome to the planning tool dedicated solely to those marrying abroad.

As a destination bride or groom you no longer have to make do with products that are designed for a stay at home wedding.

Creator Lisa Burton and her small team have planned over 1400 weddings abroad since 2004 and the idea of came about when she noticed a shift in how people we’re planning their weddings abroad.

“Couples are looking for more control over their wedding plans, even if their wedding in another country or on another continent. Not only to keep an eye on costs but also to have full say in their plans. The power of the internet means everything is literally a few clicks away.

At the moment destination brides and grooms are making use of Facebook groups and forums, and wedding planning apps that are dedicated to the ‘stay at home’ bride and groom. Whilst these can be a of some use they can also be confusing with no clear way of how to get from ‘A’ choosing a date to ‘Z’ the wedding day itself, which for a wedding abroad is significantly different to planning a stay at home wedding.” is a unique tool specifically designed for couples wanting to plan their own wedding abroad. No more making do!

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