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Guest Book Ideas for your Wedding Abroad

Posted on 16/09/2019 at 1:50 PM by in Blog

A guest book is a wonderful memento of your wedding day, something to reminisce over years after the wedding, filled with guests wishes for your future, its sure to bring back warm feelings and treasured memories from the day itself.

A guest book doesn’t need to be a decorated notebook, whilst a notebook is easy to transport to the wedding and store afterwards there are so many unique ways to let guests share their wishes for you and some which you can be used as art work in your home rather than stored away, acting as a constant reminder of the wonderful day you had.

Here are some great guest book alternatives for the cool quirky couple.

Fingerprint tree

A fingerprint tree is a lovely way to create an everlasting memory of your special day. The tree is personalised with your name and wedding date and comes to you ready for your guests to fingerprint and sign their name.  The text and colours can be personalised so you can co-ordinate it perfectly to match the rest of your wedding décor. Guests will delight in this unique way to record their presence at your wedding and rather than being stored away for years to come, this pretty piece of art will look lovely on a gallery wall, a lasting memory of your wedding day.

The Leaf Drop


Create your own piece of pretty wedding art with this gorgeous leaf drop.

The double sided see through frame is filled with pretty colour co-ordinated wooden leaves that guests write a personalised message on, to share their wish for your future.

On one side you’ll have a pretty piece of art with your name and wedding date central to the design, on the other side you’ll reveal your guests wishes, due to how this works no 2 pieces will ever be the same, a truly unique way to display your wedding guest book.

A Tower of Love


Why not have a bit of fun with your guests by asking them to write their wishes for you on these wooden bricks and build your own personalised love tower.

Each time you play jenga you can remember these beautiful messages your guests took time to share with you.

Music Lovers


If music plays a big part in your life or either one of you is a musician then why not choose this unique musical wedding guest book? This cute poster includes a personalised record of your first dance or special song, your names and wedding date and can be made in over 24 custom colours, ready for your guests to sign their wishes to you.

Afterwards simply frame and hang for constant memories of your wedding day

Puzzle Lovers

I love a good jigsaw and if you do too then this guest book alternative could be perfect for you, guests write their best wishes on the wooden pieces that when pieced together collectively make the shape of a heart, then either enjoy the puzzle or display as a piece of art in your home!


A guest book table is an easy way to add some interest to your wedding reception set up or decoration, so make sure you consider the overall presentation and decoration of the table and its contents.

Consider adding flowers, candles and ornaments that co-ordinate with your wedding theme. If space allows you could also add baskets of favours or treats, or for larger tables you could display your table plan and name cards here or even a pretty welcome sign.

Set the table up at the entrance to the reception so it doesn’t go unnoticed.

And don’t forget

TIP: Ask a responsible member of your family to collect these items for you at the end of the evening, seems simple I know but when you are having an amazing time dancing into the small hours  collecting your guest book and any items of decoration will be the last thing on your. The venue may discard anything left behind, especially if they’re preparing for another event the day after yours.

Will you be having a conventional or traditional guest book at your wedding? Or are you ditching the whole idea of a guest book? We’d love to know.

Lisa Luvana

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