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Meet Danielle – Luvana’s Expert Stylist

Posted on 13/06/2019 at 1:14 PM by in Blog

Danielle - Luvana's Style Expert


Hey you gorgeous brides!

Welcome to the new monthly wedding style blog.

Packed with all the very best tips, tricks & advice you will need when planning & styling your dream day abroad!

First off, my name is Danielle! I am a personal stylist & style coach™️.
I love all things wedding, fashion & beauty & I am SO excited to be part of this journey with you.

My own wedding journey started at the end of 2016, when my now husband, popped the question in an African restaurant in Camden!

You’ll have probably guessed, I said yes!

Planning started pretty quickly, within 2 weeks we had confirmed our venue in beautiful Santorini.

The date was set… 1st June 2017.

Yep, 5 months. 5 months to plan our dream day!!! Yikes!!

But we did it! & by we I mean Lisa & I, the hubby just paid for it…

So, not only am I an expert on styling, but I am a bit of a pro (if I do say so myself) on destination weddings!
I know first hand the difficulties & challenges brides (& grooms if they REALLY want to get involved) can be faced with, when planning their wedding.

Whether it’s choosing the right dress, the right accessories, stationary, budget, flowers… the list is endless!!

The most important thing I can say to you all is, enjoy the process.

Embrace the hurdles, the tears & the tantrums, because the day really does go so quickly & you’ll want to do it all over again in a heartbeat!!!

See you on next months blog where I will be talking about THE perfect dress.

Stylish Kisses


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