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Arranging a Gift List for your Wedding Abroad

Posted on 22/04/2019 at 9:49 AM by in Guides

Deciding on whether to have a gift list is trickier when your wedding is abroad. Some couples think that a guest paying for flights and hotels is enough of a gift and decide against having one.

This is a personal choice and depends on what you as a couple are most comfortable with. If you have guests insistent on giving wedding gifts, you may find providing a list is better than ending up with a bunch of stuff you don’t want.

If you do decide to have to have a gift list, consider the logistics and arrange for any large items to be sent to your home address and not taken abroad.

Maybe choose one of these ideas instead.

  • Money contributions towards a house deposit if you are saving for your first home.
  • A honeymoon fund; there are companies that collect contributions towards your holiday or trips and experiences whilst on holiday such as a hot air balloon ride, mountain trek or deep sea dive.
  • Gift vouchers for your favourite department store so you can get yourselves some nice essentials for your home on your return.

You could ask for contributions towards the wedding day

If you have overextended yourself with your budget, extravagances like fireworks may be a distant dream, so how about asking guests to contribute towards these? This way everyone gets to enjoy them and your guests will feel like they have helped create a magical memory.

If you want a more ethical choice, consider a charity donation

This could be anything from your favourite animal charity at home or a charity that has special meaning to both of you, like building schools in Africa if you are both teachers.

How about a local charity in your wedding destination that supports vulnerable people, or a charity that specialises development of the local area, building new houses or public facilities (especially in developing countries)?

What about an environmental charity to make your wedding carbon neutral?

Consider a wedding related charity

We love Gift of a Wedding , a charity that plans dream weddings for those with terminal illnesses, giving the bride and groom a lasting happy memory and something positive to focus on. The charity relies solely on donations, and even if you don’t want to gift money, they would more than welcome your wedding dress in one of their collection sites across the UK, or any items you won’t need after the wedding such as decorations.

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Team Luvana