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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue for your Wedding Abroad

Posted on 2/05/2019 at 9:31 AM by in Guides


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You should now have a clear idea of the type of destination, style and venue setting you want. So it’s time to take your list of preferences and priorities and start researching

However, don’t be too restricted by your ideas – you may have to compromise. Chances are you not wont find a venue that is a hundred per cent perfect, but as long as you can live with the compromises, you’ll be fine.

It’s time to start researching

Use Luvana’s directory to browse venues and create a wish list, they may all seem ideal so this is where the hard work begins. It’s time to consider each venue on its merits.

First I suggest downloading our Venue Comparison Checklist, it’s quick and easy to complete and will help you immediately narrow down your search based on each venues pro’s and con’s

Once you’ve narrowed the list further to two or three venues, it’s time to complete a more detailed venue checklist, download Venue Checklist By using this, you’ll be certain you’ve considered all the important details that can easily be overlooked in the heat of the moment.

It’s important that you do your homework at this stage. Ask plenty of questions and clarify any ambiguous information. Don’t get carried away and book without considering all the information. This could lead to disappointment later if you find you can’t afford what you want or you can’t live with some of the terms and conditions.

And finally, make sure you are a hundred per cent accepting of any compromises before signing on the dotted line.


If a venue doesn’t have a contract or at least a list of terms and conditions, don’t book with them, and certainly don’t pay a deposit until you have seen a contract! Would you book a venue in the UK without a receipt or contract or any type of paperwork? Then don’t do it abroad.

Finding and choosing the perfect is so important – and I have heard some real horror stories. If you’re planning your own wedding, you don’t have the safety net of a wedding planner, so by following these steps and using our checklist, you can make your decision with confidence.

Expert advice from Themis, event manager in Greece. 

Read the fine print before signing, especially when you are about to sign one of the most significant contracts in your life to date: your wedding day.

Any established wedding venue should have documents and brochures that thoroughly describe their policies, benefits and standards. The lack of such documents only highlights a lack of responsibility from the proprietors and suggests you should look for another wedding venue.

Planning a wedding abroad is tricky enough even before you consider the different legislation and culture, foreign traditions and customs, and often a language barrier. So having a brochure detailing the terms and conditions can help a couple better understand the benefits of each venue and be aware of any compromises before they sign.

If you have a wedding planner, it will be up to them to explain the necessary conditions and explore with you any possible problems together with alternatives.


Once you’ve chosen your wedding destination you can then start looking for your perfect venue.

  • Create your Free luvana account and create a wish list of venues
  • Compare each venue you find and like by using our Venue Comparison Checklist
  • Once you have the list down to one or two venues, complete the more detailed Venue Checklist
  • Decide on the venue and request a copy of their terms and conditions and read carefully.
  • Once you’re happy, it’s time to check the contract and pay your deposit!

Whilst it’s unlikely you’ll find a venue that is a hundred per cent perfect, having a list of priorities and preferences means you can start your research and easily eliminate venues or destinations that don’t match at least a few of your requirements. Otherwise, you could easily get overwhelmed and never make a decision.

Team Luvana

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