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Creating an Amazing Wedding Website for your Wedding Abroad

Posted on 30/04/2019 at 9:37 AM by in Guides


A wedding website is a fun way to communicate details about your wedding to your guests. It can be as detailed or as simple as you like and you don’t need to be a technical genius to create one.

In a recent poll we ran on our Facebook page, only 25% professed to having a wedding website.

If you’re not technically adept, you can pay someone to do this for you. However, most platforms are user friendly and even people with no experience can create an easy to use professional looking website.

One of my very creative couples made the most amazing wedding website for their guests. It included everything from the location of the wedding to what to wear – and a hilarious section on what not to wear. They also included details of games that would be played on the evening, including a dancing competition

Their wedding information was communicated in an amusing but informative and fun way. It reflected the couple perfectly and built excitement around the wedding. It was clear to their guests that their experience and enjoyment on the day was foremost on the couple’s list of priorities.

Keeping it simple

A simple website only needs to include a few pages with, for example:

  • Welcome page with a photo of you both and the date of the wedding
  • Photos of the venue and the address
  • Details of the destination and ideas of where to stay, with contact information for any travels agents you’re working with or a general list of specialist agents that offer holidays to your destination
  • A page for RSVPs: Guests can email their confirmation of attendance which is easier and more prompt than asking people to return paper RSVPs. You can also put your mobile and email contact addresses on here in case anyone has any questions, or a link to a Facebook group you have created for the wedding arrangements.

The above contains plenty of information for your guests to work with to ensure they are comfortable booking their holidays/flights and contacting you if they have any worries, questions or concerns.

If you’re more technically adept, or are paying someone to do the website for you, there are lots of other ways to jazz it up.

  • Meet the bridal party: A photo and bio for each bridesmaid/best-man and even mums and dads. It’s a fun way to introduce everyone. Weddings abroad are like an extended party and much less formal than a wedding in the UK, so introducing everyone in advance means you can get on with the party as soon as you arrive because everyone already knows each other.
  • Gift list: Whether you are having a traditional gift list, or asking for honeymoon contributions, or charity donations, you can include details/links on the website. If you’re not having a gift list, explain why here – it will save you having to explain your reasons again and again.
  • Pre/post get togethers: Include details of any pre/post get togethers, with times/dates and menu options.
  • Wedding day details
  • Menu details and by when you need choices
  • Pick up times and collection points
  • Schedule of the day – good for parents with kids so they can adjust naps and eating times
  • End time if transport is needed back home
  • Things to do on holiday: Include information on activities things to do. You could include a local travel agent here they can contact to arrange day trips.
  • Places to eat: A list of recommended restaurants you’ve visited during your research trips.
  • A blog! This is great fun if you are a natural sharer and like to diary your experiences. Your guests will love following your story and plans as they evolve.
  • Group chat: If you prefer not to have a Facebook group, you could set up a family chat system so people can ask questions, and you can collate frequently asked questions, to save you going over the same details all the time.
  • DJ song list: A fun way to create your playlist is to ask people to vote for favourite tracks or ask them to make suggestions. Creating a playlist can be quite a task when you have over three hours of music to put together.
  • After wedding party at home: Details of any party or event you are having back home.

Why not create an email address with the website to use as your main contact for the wedding planning, for example, It can be hard keeping track of information if both of you are contacting guests and suppliers with separate email addresses, especially if you have both work and personal emails. If you use one email for both of you, the information is easy to locate and refer back too when needed – essential for good planning.

You then need to ensure that all correspondence and RSVPs go to that one address (you can CC your other emails in). At least then if you need to refer back to previously discussed details, emails can be easily located – it’s sooooo much easier for you and your suppliers too!

After the big day

After the wedding you can encourage people to upload their photos and share their memories of the wedding day and holiday! You can also share the photos from your professional photographer.

Most of all, remember to keep it fun and easy to navigate. Even then, you’ll need to be prepared for those who won’t use it and who prefer information in the old fashioned way.

A website is a great way to remember your wedding day and for a relatively small amount you can usually keep the URL for as long as you like by paying each year for the domain. (Check the terms and conditions to see how long you can keep the website for.)

Here are links to a few companies offering Free wedding websites:


Make a list of what information you would like to include.

Simple website ideas:

  • A home page with your name and wedding date
  • A page with the venue name and address
  • A destination information page with travel agents details on it for guests to arrange their travel if they so wish
  • Page for guests to RSVP

A detailed website can include some of the following pages:

  • Meet the bridal party
  • Gift list details and link
  • Pre/post get together details
  • Wedding schedule
  • Things to do whilst on holiday
  • A blog following your planning journey
  • A link to your Facebook group for the wedding plans
  • DJ song list ideas

Once you have your list of ideas, you need to choose which wedding website platform you wish to use, paid or free, and get started.

Team Luvana