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How to use your Wedding Abroad Checklist

Posted on 7/05/2019 at 3:16 PM by in Guides


We’re so excited to welcome you to Luvana’s unique wedding abroad checklist, the only checklist developed specifically for couples getting married abroad.

Our checklist also doubles as your planner, so you can add and remove items to your heart’s content and with reminders for tasks in your planner AND emailed to you, you’ll never miss an important date again.

Here’s a quick explanation of how to use your planner so you get the most use out of it as possible and with it a stress-free wedding planning experience.

Wedding Date

Even if you don’t have a specific date in mind then enter an approximate wedding date, this will automatically add suggested dates to your checklist, you can, of course, edit these date, but the overview will help greatly when planning out your diary for the year or months ahead.


Enter your wedding destination as soon as it’s decided.

Take a few minutes to personalised your checklist

If you’ve already found your venue, complete this task and update your budget, or if you’re having a Civil Wedding then delete any tasks regarding a religious wedding. This will make the checklist much more personalised for you.


If a task doesn’t have any subtasks you can simply complete it by ticking the completed box.

Some tasks have subtasks, this is because something like ‘booking a photographer or entertainment’ involves many decisions, by considering and completing each subtask you can be sure you’ve thought of everything. So to summarise, we suggest you complete all the subtasks before completing the main task.

Adding New Tasks

You can add tasks to your checklist so that you never forget an appointment or invoice, so your checklist can also be used a diary.
You can also add notes to your tasks for example

    • Main task – Dress Fitting at 2.00 pm
    • Note – Remember to take shoes and jewellery

Read the guides

We’ve included some Guides to give you a deeper insight into the planning of a wedding abroad. Some are shorter than others depending on how much consideration the task needs. We do suggest you take the time to read these guides, not only are they interesting but they are full of useful info and tips to make your planning journey easier.

Ok, you’re all set, it’s time to get planning your dream wedding.


Team Luvana

Photo Credit Hannah Monika