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On your Wedding Day

Posted on 18/04/2019 at 9:55 AM by in Guides

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Wedding eve

Try not to overindulge the night before your wedding. There is nothing worse than dehydration from a heavy drinking session to give you headache and dry out your skin.

A few giggles with your friends, self-pampering and an early night will mean you’re fully charged and prepared to take anything the wedding day throws at you. Weddings can be very emotional and a well-rested bride is much better prepared to handle it!

However, when I talk about pampering, I don’t mean booking any experimental facials or new treatments you haven’t had before like a deep tissue muscle massage in the last few days before your wedding. If you are prone to spots, you could end up with a nasty breakout, or unsightly bruises and achy muscles from an over-zealous masseur – not the look you were going for.

Keeping yourself moisturised and hydrated will keep you looking fresh and vibrant ready for your wedding day; this applies to both men and women!


On the day, have your schedule handy and your phone (especially important if you have no wedding planner) so you can be kept informed of any last minute changes or any important decisions you or the groom need to make. If you are the type of bride who gets stressed easily and doesn’t have a wedding planner, have your mum or a friend on standby to take over on your behalf. It’s important you are allowed to stay as calm as possible.

Make sure you eat. It’s normal to be nervous and have no appetite, but don’t skip breakfast. It’s important to keep your stomach lined and energy up, so why not book a special breakfast for you and the wedding party?

Make sure you eat by mid-morning; you may not have a chance after this until the wedding dinner. If you can’t stomach the thought of food, have boiled sweets on standby to keep your sugar levels up throughout the preparations.

Stay away from any strong alcohol until you’ve eaten the wedding dinner, especially if you haven’t eaten much during the day. The heat, an empty stomach and alcohol can make for one very drunk bride or groom.

Hair and makeup

Hair and makeup may well be earlier than you imagine depending on their availability. We’ve had brides styled at ten in the morning when they don’t get married until six in the evening. Try to book your stylist early in the planning process!

Make sure your hair is prepared for when the stylists arrives, and if you’re having the bridesmaids or mums styled, you need to check timings and the order in which people will be done. It may seem like a good idea when planning to have five girls in one room getting ready, but if there is chaos you may end up feeling stressed.

Make sure if you do plan to have your wedding party in your room with you, that the room is big enough to accommodate everyone and that there is air conditioning (for hot climates). If you don’t have a large room, allocate time slots for when people are needed or have the stylist go to different rooms within the same hotel. Ladies, remember how hot a room can get when you have the hair dryer on for any length of time.

If you are having pre-wedding preparation shots, aim to be ready at least an hour and a half before the wedding, and get into the dress in time for your photographer to take shots in a relaxed fashion instead of feeling rushed and harassed.

Handy pot of items

I suggest putting together a bag of handy items and essentials you may need on the day:

  • Sewing kit
  • Headache tablets
  • Deodorant
  • Make up – blusher, powder, lipstick
  • Envelopes of cash to pay any final suppliers or church donations or tips
  • Copy of your vows if you’re having personalised vows and need to practise them
  • Copy of your speech
  • Copy of schedule with contact numbers/details/list of suppliers and guests


You will hopefully have assigned any wedding day duties to guests or family, but make sure there is one main contact in charge of the day and introduce this person to your venue or suppliers. I usually suggest the best man or chief bridesmaid or even Mum or Dad.

You don’t need to be disturbed with ongoing questions unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Try not to panic. Most weddings days go perfectly, but you need someone on standby should things not to go to plan. Make sure they are reliable and know how to keep calm in stressful situations – this doesn’t necessarily mean family! Often, family are too emotional to handle any problems. A calm friend who is able to take charge is worth their weight in gold.

Take it all in

If you don’t stop and take note of what’s happening around you, the day will simply fly by quickly. You don’t want to miss the details and the small special moments you’ve taken months to prepare for and have been looking forward to. Rather than trying to control every eventuality, it’s important to either have a wedding planner or a good friend to look after what happens on the day. You don’t want to be so stressed that all you remember is feeling harassed!

Enjoy your wedding day; you’ll only have one, so truly enjoy all that it is.

Real bride Nicola, who married in Ibiza

Seeing my husband cry as he turned to look at me is one of my favourite memories of our wedding day.


  • Don’t over-indulge the night before; stay hydrated, moisturise and go to bed early
  • On the wedding day, keep your schedule and phone handy, or assign someone else to look after this
  • Remember to eat and avoid alcohol at least until after you’ve eaten
  • Don’t have too many people getting ready in your room so you can keep cool and calm.
  • Prepare your on the day emergency kit and give it to someone to look after for you

Relax! This is the day you have worked so hard to put together, now enjoy it!

Team Luvana

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