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Save the Date ideas for your Wedding Abroad

Posted on 1/05/2019 at 9:32 AM by in Guides

There are so many fun ways to announce you’re getting married abroad. This is your chance to set the mood and get everyone excited about your wedding day.

In a recent poll we ran on our social media platforms, 75% of people said they booked their wedding more than eighteen months years in advance. As this is a bit early for formal invites, you could use ‘save the date ‘or ‘save the pennies’ cards. They are relatively low cost and a great way to include hint of the theme in the design as well as build excitement for the big day!

For a more environmentally friendly option, send digital save the dates, start a wedding facebook group or create a wedding website, you’ll also save pennies too and it’s as it’s a great way to keep guests in touch with plans.

Official invitations

Send your official invitations out nine to twelve months before the wedding, asking for RSVPs as soon as possible and absolutely no later than four months before so you have time to place orders and settle final invoices. Unlike with a wedding in the UK, where people can confirm as late as a few days before the wedding, you need plenty of notice with a wedding abroad. Be prepared to pester guests for decisions three to four months before the wedding.

Wedding websites

Wedding websites are a fun way to announce you’re getting married and share your wedding details in the run up to the wedding. Everything from essential information like the venue name, location date and time of the wedding to more fun things like wedding party bios, dress code information, fun things for guests to do and explore whilst on holiday and details of any pre/post get togethers can be included.

You could also include your travel agent’s details or any hotels recommendations and collect RSVPs and menu choices – it’s much easier than phoning around.

Your guests will love you for it and it will make the lead up to the wedding more exciting (if that’s possible) as you can see your plans coming together. After the wedding, you can use it to share your professional photographs and for guests to upload theirs and share their stories of the day.

However, as an alternative you could keep the venue a secret and save the day for the big reveal like bride Hayley did.

Real bride Hayley, who married in Ravello, Italy

We wanted the location of the ceremony and reception to be a surprise for our guests. This was the hardest thing, keeping it from them, but it was worth it in the end when we saw their faces on the day.

Team Luvana

Photo Source – Pinterest, artists unknown.