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Set the Date for your Wedding Abroad

Posted on 6/05/2019 at 9:23 AM by in Guides

Luvana - your dream wedding abroad

Before you can really get stuck into planning your wedding abroad there are a few things you need to consider, the first things is what date to get married.

Because, ultimately everyone will want to know…….

‘When is the wedding?’

When you’re planning a wedding abroad this is not quite as straight forward as planning a wedding in the UK where we have multiple options and venues right on our door step. With a wedding abroad we’re asking our guests to join us for a long weekend or even a week away and it may end up being their main holiday of the year! So you need to give some time and consideration to this.

The more notice you give guests the more flexible people tend to be as they can plan and save.

Here are some steps to hopefully make choosing your wedding date that little bit easier.


Speak to close family and friends that you absolutely want to attend (and wouldn’t marry without) and decide on an approximate date.


Have a few dates or periods in mind and be flexible until you have found your dream venue, some venues book up years in advance and you may not be able to secure your dream date.


Consider the climate. Do you want warm, hot, or even a snowy winter wedding?


Think about high season, prices tend to be more expensive. Low and mid season can be cheaper for you and your guests.


Think about school holiday dates, important exam dates and work commitments of key people you absolutely want to attend.

Once you have the above in mind you’re one step closer to choosing a date.

Team Luvana

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