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Glynis German Celebrant

Glynis German is a British woman residing in Mallorca since 1992. She is mother to two fabulous young sons and is an integrated foreigner in her local community. Speaking both Spanish and Catalan fluently, she is also a well-respected friend and neighbour.

She has been enjoying working as a non-religious celebrant since the summer of 2011 when, by chance, she was asked to conduct her first ceremony. It was a ceremony to acknowledge a new Godmother for a 4 year old boy. As the church didn’t offer a replacement godmother ceremony, Glynis devised and officiated a fitting and sincere moment for the child and his parents to allow for the new guardian to assume her role. It was at this moment that Glynis realised she was born to do the job! Glynis uses values as the basis for her ceremonies and these reflect her beliefs on love and equality. She is respectful of everyone’s personal beliefs and follows her heart when meeting with clients. She is the wise friend who holds their hands and listens to their stories and she is warm and loving, fun yet not frivolous and above all, true to what needs to be said on special occasions.

Glynis will endeavour to be faithful to her client’s wishes and will guide them and work with them to create a ceremony that has meaning and depth and which will remain with them forever.

HOW I CAME TO BE A CELEBRANT "I feel I have had a very blessed life. My background is Jamaican-Welsh, born to Welsh father and a Jamaican mother in Jamaica. Since 1992 I have been living in Mallorca, Spain and I am a mother to two fine young men.

In 2011 thanks to Joanna Walton, a talented florist in Mallorca, who uttered the words “I know the perfect woman” to a friend looking for someone to conduct a special ceremony, I became a celebrant!

From that day, I discovered a talent for creating a space for people to celebrate their milestone events with thought, meaning, humour and love. I enjoy getting to know couples before their big day and try to develop a relationship so that I am not a stranger at their life changing event. For funerals I listen to the stories and feel my way to understanding and knowing someone who is no longer with us to provide a memorial for those left behind that is authentic and sincere.

By being respectful, enthusiastic and positive, I will help you create a memorable ceremony and by listening to you, I will be the perfect celebrant!"

Glynis German

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