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Guillaume Gimenez

Based in Toulouse , I travel throughout France. What matters to me is to be this wedding photographer who will bring you the most sincere photographs possible. The elegance is something I want to put forward through my photos. Elegance is for me the physical form of love, the shell of sweetness, the scent of laughter. Your wedding photos are for me the key to your relationship.

I want your wedding photographs to belong to your emotional heritage, to be part of your vision of love. Your couple must be put forward thanks to my images and my sensitivity of the marriage.

However, my working photographer of marriage will last by the desire to put you at ease before the camera. So I try to accompany you all day long, simply by being close to you all in all discretion.

Here is an excerpt from my current work. The portfolio of a wedding photographer is always something special in which he wants to show you the essence of his work. It is therefore important for me to show you what I can offer you today on your wedding day.

Currently photographer Haute-Garonne marriage and throughout France , I am what is called in English a "destination wedding photographer," a photographer of marriage traveling ... Realizing that I was the happy husband in a couple mixed, my desire to travel for couples has become obvious. Today, I travel the region of Toulouse, and France to find this freshness in love and cultural mix.

The photo is for me a way to give you the floor without even saying a word. A wedding photographer does not capture smiles but the soul. Discover my photographic approach, my personality and why I work with film.

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