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Jenni Carbó | Love&photography

I am a wedding photographer, pregnant photographer, birth photographer ... In short I am a photographer of great moments. In 2007 I studied for a year and a half in Tarragona and it was there where I could see that Photographer is more than just taking a camera and hitting a button. Today, I can also say that he needs much more, training, preparation, observation, technique, experience, inspiration ... Now, my respect for her makes me try to improve day by day. Since 2011 this world is part of my life. The art of seeing, the feeling a couple gives off, seeing beyond what is not seen at first sight, trying to capture that moment ... Now I'm still training, learning from day to day, workshops, seminars, talks with colleagues. They fly the hours looking for information, reading articles and books, learning technique ... In short, everything that can help me grow in this world. At each wedding, in each session, I put all my effort so that the result is what you expect. I am responsible for capturing these important moments for you, and that is not like playing with it. For me it is a great honor to be able to tell your story and be part of it.

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  • Tarragona