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Jeremie & Rosalie

Your wedding photographer is a stroke of love Preparing your wedding is a lot of research, stress, hesitation but also a lot of love! Between you and your photographer is a relationship of exchange, collusion and especially confidence that settles. You will fall in love with your dress, your suit or your reception area. Whether it's an intimate small-group wedding or a high-end wedding, finding the best photographers is not enough. You must have a love shot for your wedding photographer. A wedding photographer at your service is good. Two is a real plus for you as for us. For key moments of your day like the preparations we can separate to be sure not to miss anything. Your memories are immortalized from two angles of view during the ceremony or ceremonies where the most precious moments are captured from a different point of view. Your photos are captured with two sensibilities, two looks at once different and complementary through our faithful camera.

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