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Lara Bella Vella

DPassionately turning reality into surreality Beauty Expressed in Colours is a comprehensive beauty parlor offering an extensive list of beauty services for both genders, ranging from any makeup artistry application(bridal, natural, trauma/therapeutic), airbrush bodyart, beauty treatments, nutritional consultations, therapeautic treatments and massages. Yet it specialises on cinematic special FX makeup artistry through internationally recognised awards for prosthetic makeup, fantasy makeup, ageing and anti-ageing effects from a renowned Hollywood Academic Institution

Create memorable moments through naturalistic makeup as to enhance everyone’s hidden beauty

Contemporary strokes invigorating various era’s cosmetic conventions

Showcasing our team’s abilities to recreate any injury simulation and prosthetics, ranging from a blemish to total amputation and exposed organs *eeww*

Endless list of clean pampering sessions, for both genders

Details of Services

Hair and Makeup / Beauty

Areas Covered

The following areas are covered.


  • Marsaskala