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Manojlovic Weddings

Husband & wife, destination wedding photographers documenting rad love stories. Based in Karlovac, Croatia, available worldwide. We share the roof with our whimsical cat, we love God, coffee, reading, nature, color blue, music, chocolate, Ikea and bmx. We found ourselves in Photographer long before finding ourselves in each other’s arms so this business of documenting love stories was the next logical step. We like to shoot people in love, intimate and adventurous weddings and elopements. We are not there just to get it done, take the money and leave. We are interested into documenting every genuine moment, detail and emotion by getting into the core of who you are as a couple. Our aim is to create the story of your love through our photos. Something you’ll be happy to revisit once the memories evaporate. SLAVICA I am a bookish girl, coffee addict and a music lover. It’d be awesome if reading could pay bills! It can’t, tough, so I opted for my second love: Photographer. Creating images filled with emotions makes me reeaaaally happy. Coffee and good music are a must when it comes to post processing and editing because, trust me, I don’t stop till every bone in my body starts hurting. Nothing short of perfect will do! Also, not that it matters, but blue is my favorite color. I love its every shade. Though lately I’ve been falling in love with yellow as well…

ALEX I am a retired bmx rider. In wedding Photographer, I like to get up close and personal to capture the mood and feelings. Riding a bike taught me determination and persistence. I will do all it takes to get that perfect shot that will help you remember your big day even better. I am not much of a talker, tough, but I hope you’ll allow me to compensate my lack of words with images I’ll take.

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