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Marcijus Weddings

Tomislav and Lara, two honest and simple souls. Internationally awarded wedding photographers based in Osijek. Documentary and creative photographers. Wedding Photographer is one of our choices in which we can show all our emotions. Our love for art led us to artistic and creative way to document your special day. We aren’t traditional wedding photographers. We are photographers who love spontaneity, creative focus, black and white Photographer, and emotions. We wish to show weddings around the world in our own way and how we see it through digital and analog Photographer. We also love music, movies, festivals, science, books, and we are passionate gourmets! We love traveling, especially together. This is something that makes us happier and richer. If we have a few days off, we always use them for travel. That’s the time we love to dedicate to ourselves. All our adventures you can find on our personal Instagram profiles @larabarisic & @tomislavmarcijus. If you love analog Photographer and vintage cameras or other types of Photographer, you can check Tomislav’s website.

OUR STYLE We live in Eastern Europe which brings everyday nostalgia and melancholy. Our photographs, in an elegant and dreamy style, couldn’t have avoided it. The compound of all this makes our photographs timeless that are saying – “everything will be fine”. Our style has been built up throughout these two years by various artists in the world of movies, painting, Photographer, and music. We are trying to make it even more delicate with shooting at dawn or dusk and with the cadre and shadows game. We are huge admirers of motion photos and black-and-white that emphasize elegance throughout the whole story.

PHILOSOPHY Wedding Photographer brought us a lot of life experience. It teaches us every day how to struggle with unpredictable situations and how to be happy with what you have. This is something really beautiful and special for us. It convinced us that only hard work accomplishes dreams and that boundaries exist only in our minds. We have learned that we need to be the wind in each other’s sails, with that we become stronger. Focus only on your own path and there will be no obstacles and negative things. When you look at the world in that way, everything you make is a piece of art that will find its way to the observer and stay forever in his mind as something the most beautiful. That is the wealth that no one can ever take away from you.

INSPIRATION The ambiance in which we live became our main inspiration. Our style has been built up also by various artist in the world of movies, painting, music. The greatest inspiration comes from the work of Andrei Tarkovsky, and from other branches of art, Marina Abramović is the one we love the most. Like the others, we have also some of the favorite photographers but they are not from the wedding industries. They are Ernst Haas, Jindřich Štreit, Edouard Boubat, Dora Maar, Martin Munkácsi, Sune Jonsson, Man Ray & Saul Leiter.

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