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We wish you a warm welcome to the Weddings and Events Marincel!

Weddings and Events Marincel is the place that sets new standards for celebrations of all those moments that occur only once in your life and you should not be left alone. Just 10 minutes drive from Mihaljevca or the British Square, you will find a unique space for the most fabulous celebration that will stay forever in your memory and heart. At the foot of Sljeme, at the foot of Medvednica, it is a green oasis of peace, silence and carefully preserved indigenous vegetation stretching over 12,000 square meters and forming a whole for all the experience.

For all our hosts and their guests there is a parking lot, and for the transportation of brides we can offer an unforgettable transport experience in Rolls Royce !

The beautiful hall for festivities receives up to 300 guests, there is also a secured stage for a band of 30m2 sufficient to receive the most beautiful band, while the dance floor stretches to as much as 70m2 . The magic of lighting and lighting is provided by an expert team of people who provide the most beautiful shades with an unforgettable vision of the celebration.

As well as being a real surprise, we do not want to reveal many important things here, but we invite you to book your arrival by contact form and see for yourself the possibilities that Weddings and Events Marincel can provide for you!

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