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Marko Marinkovic

I believe the hallmark of a good photographer is their ability to connect. A good photographer should connect with their subject, and the resulting photo should connect people to a moment. That’s what memories are, after all — a link to a moment, framed by what we saw there. These connections are what make a good photo a great one. These connections are what I live for. I think you’ll find my enthusiasm is evident in the quality of the photos I take. I also believe the best photos – the moments you hire me to capture – are created when they’re sincere. I don’t interfere, arrange your guests, or make you change your plans. I wait, and I take every effort to make sure the only thing you hear from me is my camera’s shutter release. The guests at your wedding are people you know and love. That’s all there is to it; that’s my craft, my passion, and my reason for doing what I do. I don’t follow trends or mimic styles. My framing, lenses, perspective, composition, and editing – these are my artistic valves. These are what I fine tune to tell your story, honestly, effectively, and unobtrusively. My bucket list: Go to a Black Keys concert, go on a roadtrip, play in a band again, try kitesurfing, learn how to type with all my fingers, jog in the NYC Central park, see the Northern lights, go on a real safari, spend one vacation on a boat, float in the Dead sea, meet Chuck Norris, live in a different country for awhile, get 20000 facebook likes, roll on the desert dunes, go through Route 66 in a vintage cabrio, see NBA show live, throw a paper plane from the Empire state building, finish a marathon, see cherry blossoms in Japan, donate blood, send a message in a bottle, fly in a hot air balloon, see the Broadway show, have children, experience zero gravity, have a career doing what I love, learn a new language, start my own business, shoot your wedding.

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