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Martin Turk Photography

WHO IS MARTIN? I’m a great dreamer, free as a bird. After having finished my studies and working in an office I finally realized what I wanted to do with my life, so I dedicated myself to the art of clicking and recording moments in time by taking photographs. I established my own firm and I am finally happy with my life doing what I like- namely, taking photos and spending my hard earned money on travelling, tattoos and photo equipment. Traveling is my passion, I have visited more than 50 countries so far. I’m passionate about Vinyl and I own more than 500 gramophone records. I’m married to a beautiful wife Štefi and I’m the father of a little boy Bob who got his name of, you guessed, Bob Dylan and a little bit of Bob Marley, they are always “spinning” on a gramophone. MY STYLE? My style could be classified as a documentary and art Photographer . What does that actually mean? It means that I take wedding photographs without intervening or suggesting anything to the subjects of my photos which enables me to avoid changing the course of events. I try to capture every emotional moment so people on my photographs are very important to me. People exhibit their true emotions only when they feel relaxed, that means that I try to be as inconspicuous as possible. You have probably noticed in my portfolio that the way I take wedding photos varies a lot.That is because I use an individual approach and I adapt to the people who employ me. Outgoing people want silly photos, romantics get romantic photos. Only sky is the limit and I am here to listen to your wishes, not the other way around.

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