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Matthew Weinreb – The Wedding Photography Guru

Matthew Weinreb is an internationally renowned photographer, He has won multiple awards and twelve volumes of his work have been printed to great acclaim from critics such as The New York Times. Choosing the right photographer to capture your wedding is essential. There are no reruns, no chances to do it again. The photographer must be there for every moment, discrete in his presence, yet able to capture the essence of the day and the sensitivities of not only the bride and groom, but also their respective families and guests. Cartier Bresson described the moment of taking a photograph as 'l'instant décisif'. This is of prime importance when photographing weddings. Matthew is a master at capturing those elusive moments, the fractions of a second when magic is made. His imagery is timeless and he will produce an unsurpassable record of your special day. He is friendly and easy to get on with and, as you can see from the pictures on this site, he elicits ready smiles from the people he photographs. Please do take a look at these images and feel free to contact him to discuss your day.

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