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Nina Anic Photography

Hello, you! Thank you so much for taking the time to go through our web. To say something in short about us: we are two people behind "Nina-Photo", husband and wife - Nina & Stan.

Stan being the brain in the team, the tech guy, an introverted nerd with a heart of a teddy bear. While I'm the artsy and visual type, a bit of a control freak and a lot of a dreamer. Wedding Photographer is a big investment, and we are so very honored that you’re considering booking us for your day. We can promise that we will give every ounce of our love and attention to create artistic and timeless images, that you will love and always treasure. Photographer is not just a job, we live it every day. What started out as just a dream, a foolish idea at first, became our life. Natural and casual images is what we prefer, without the traditional posing, but with many captured moments and great attention to detail. We shoot so many photos during the day, that when you go through them - you even see how the table setup looked after midnight and the shoes taken off lying around chairs. A wedding day is only a day long, but with our images it stays with you forever. What we'd like our clients to know is that we'd never make your day about Photographer. We do all we can at every wedding to make sure we're as "incognito" as possible, as we believe it is a very private event in ones life: we will be around all the time, but we won't make you put on your shoes twice to get the perfect shot. We also feel that our clients should value artistic Photographer and understand that we can't do this job from a checklist, but have to bring our hearts to each wedding.

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