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One Day Studio

Storytelling. Yep. That’s what we do. Or the same thing put a bit differently: Journalism Arts. The rest are just a means to an end. This truckload of really expensive cameras, lenses, and other equipment is just worthless without a soul, without a feeling, without being omnipresent yet discreet and unobtrusive. Whether video or a still photo, we will tell the story of your wedding. We will take all those individual moments that make your special day special and keep them for years to come. Memories do fade, and we will make sure your stay with you forever. We will preserve that “special” in “special day”. We will tell the story. Why don’t you take a look at some of those love stories we had the privilege to tell.

We are award-winning photo & video studio. We are seasoned professionals, and we will deliver everything we promise and more. We enjoy doing this. No, seriously. We really do like our line of business, and you can feel it. But, you know what? We shouldn’t be wasting time and words anymore; rather you just take a look at our video works.

Our „core crew“: Danijela, Zvonimir, and Djurdja the Dog. Every team member is a seasoned professional in its own right. We are a family as well. Danijela was a guest at one of the weddings Zvonimir filmed. He gave her his business card, and it ended up in themselves having to find a wedding photographer. While this is our core team, on larger weddings our team can reach double-digit numbers.

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  • Zagreb