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I love the sound of my guitar player. I love Tarantino movies' madness. I love road trips and wild great outdoors. I love the smell of cappuccino and old good hot dogs. I'm a kid, I now share my passions with my 4 kids. I'm in love with my wife who is a talented wedding photographer (go and check her pictures here ). We work together to document your wedding day. My name is Philippe and I'm a wedding Videographer. I live in France and I'm available to test your Love Story. Tell me yoursI like the sound of Slash guitar riffs on my turntable. I love the craziness of Tarantino movies. I like the adventure of road trips and the vast wilderness. I like the smell of cappuccino and a good hot dog. Fan of video games and cinema since always, I share these passions with my 4 children. It is thanks to my wife that I fell into the world of marriage. Together, we are a photo / video duo, the perfect combo to immortalize your wedding. Check out his pictures here . I am Philippe, a wedding Videographer. I live in France, 2 hours from Paris, and I travel everywhere in France and Europe to document your Love Story. Tell me yours!

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