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Pictours Paris

With an ardor for travel and a love for love, I created Pictours Paris to blend the two together! Since that day, I’ve been happy to create professional and memorable portraits of you and the people most important to you – significant others, families, friends – in Paris

My journey to Paris began when I first met my husband, Justin Kent, in Denver, Colorado, USA. He is American-French – and a cook, so it was his dream to take his culinary career to Paris. Fast forward a few years to 2011 – it was our wedding day and two months later, we packed our bags and moved to the City of Love and Light!

Photographer was always a passion of mine and I had two very amazing Photographer mentors in my husband's family - Tony Kent and Jim Arndt. I had been working professionaly in public relations, marketing and event planning in Denver, CO for several years. I graduated from Colorado State University with a BA in Journalism, emphasis in public relations. When we moved to Paris, I saw so many lovely couples and families visiting the city, and the idea to capture their time here was born. Pictours Paris was launched in early 2012, and since then I’ve been fortunate to live out my passion for Photographer and photograph hundreds of couples and families in the city I am lucky to call home.

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