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Encouraged by the need for lighting services and special effects for the Croatian companies for the needs of various events, according to the highest world standards, and after many years of study of this type of technology in the country and abroad, ing Hrvoje Šimić founded Prolight in Zagreb in 2000. Initially, Prolight operated solely as a craft, and after several years of business development, the company was also registered.

From pioneers in their business in Croatia Prolight's employees have developed into professionals who can turn the most demanding ideas of their clients into reality. Their vision was to specialize in the lighting sector to the finest details. Constant training in Croatia and further training abroad have done so. With such knowledge he gained predispositions for lighting design on all kinds of events - from glamorous presentations of new vehicles through avant-garde fashion shows and spectacular concerts to special projects such as grand opening festivals and national holiday celebrations.

Another prerequisite that enabled Prolight to provide its customers with the highest quality of service was to purchase the appropriate equipment. All the equipment the company has acquired for years has been selected to the highest touring standards. Thanks to such technology, even the biggest events can be full of glory. Well, let's not forget those little ones. Press conferences, receptions, club concerts and homecoming events - some of the events that just thanks to the lighting will look the way they deserve.

Prolights are always available to event managers because they know what equipment they have and what they can do with it. It is precisely from such conversations that ideas are born to the extent of the event being prepared. Very often the events that were created are rewarded with special prizes. Prolight can already boast of a series of awards and recognitions he has received for his work in Croatia and abroad.

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