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Rene Batista

Hi, I'm René I began creating wedding films as an opportunity to push what’s usually considered wedding Videographer into spheres where it

becomes something truly unique, artistic, honest and emotional. I’m not here just to nicely portray your wedding day, instead

each piece of filmmaking is an exciting personal journey for myself into which I bring all of my creativity, experiences and

emotions and give my best to craft for you a cinematic piece that will hold a very special place inside your hearts.

For the most part of my career I’ve been working as a professional editor and cinematographer. Even though my work includes

extensive list of editing jobs on various commercial projects, I still tend to find the greatest joy and inspiration engaging

in my own personal projects which have always awarded me with the opportunity of working alongside amazing people and

fascinating sceneries.

I believe in technical simplicity and am always trying to let my cinematography be driven by story and emotions. Don’t get me

wrong, I am by all means a tech geek owning the very latest pieces of equipment, but will always look on a technology simply

as a tool and a companion on my filmmaking journey.

I adore music, I can’t imagine the world without a melody in it, and it is at the very core of everything I do. I am very

grateful for all the talented musicians inspiring me to capture in imagery the emotion they are giving me through their


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