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Sebastien Bertrand – Photographe

THE STORY Born of an artist father, I begin very early to swim in the world of music and art in general. As a teenager, I discovered the work of several great fashion and portrait photographers. Helmut Newton, Bert Stern and Annie Leibovitz to name a few. It is through the discovery of these big names in Photographer that I realize how much this medium appeals to me as much as it fascinates me. I realize my first photos at the age of 15 years. Analogical, digital, I explore formats and ways to shape my own artistic identity. On July 26, 2012, my father dies. This event, beyond its personal impact will upset my vision of Photographer. I realize then that if Photographer is a way to create beauty, it's mostly a way to remember. A moment, a feeling, an odor, a person. I decided to take an interest in so-called social Photographer, and therefore wedding Photographer. MY WORK An approach of Photographer with strong artistic sensitivity. A vision of the aestheticism that is found throughout my work. Natural images, soft colors, which emphasize the emotion. A simple and elegant approach, for spontaneous photographs, which really put you in value. That's what I propose to my clients. YOUR MARRIAGE Choosing a photographer to immortalize your wedding is an important choice. That's why I invite you to discover the return of many of my clients.

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  • Strasbourg