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Slices of life

I am Thanh Nguyen , wedding photographer and corporate photographer in Lyon. For 10 years, I have been with the bride and groom on the most important day of their lives. I have an approach based on story telling and I propose a discreet presence and my artistic vision of wedding photo reportage. Arrived in France at the age of two, I planted my roots here. From my home country, I did not bring much, neither memories, nor dreams, nor photos. It was not until twenty years ago, the time to taste the precious moments of paternity, that I realize how important it is to remember. I chose my tools, it will not be the pen or the brush, but my camera and my eyes. I see photos as slices of life, just a few shots, sometimes even just one, to write a story, then tell it to your family, to your children. I like to think and say that: I take pictures so that people do not forget that they are happy.

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