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The Scuderia Events

La Scuderia is a unique location in the heart of the Umbrian countryside. Its interior spaces and the lush garden are the perfect setting that will make unforgettable the most important day of your life. You will be enveloped by the relaxed atmosphere typical of the country villa whose informal, elegant elegance puts everyone at ease. You will be welcomed by a serene and versatile environment and in fact the structure provides various spaces to best meet your needs. You can have your reception in the Salone delle Feste that will welcome you with its soft color and its soft and enveloping light. Immersed in the relaxing greenery surrounding La Scuderia, your guests can enjoy splendid walks among the walnut and black cherry trees to reach the long avenue that reaches the river or they can wander at the edges of the two pools enlivened by water and light games . They can refresh themselves in the cozy veranda dominated by the centuries-old holm oak or refresh themselves on the amusing light sofas arranged in a small wood that touches the brick structure created for the outdoor kitchen and the protagonist of memorable arrangements. Strategic gazebos will allow you to split / reshape - timing your party times as stages on which to organize the different buffets, shows and music. And for the cutting of the cake, our wise and ancient fig will welcome you beneath its branches in a warm embrace. But what transforms this place in La Scuderia is the precious Bianca that is destined to become your guide and the trusted friend to face with serenity this hard and happy adventure, the owner Angelo and his Dream Team who are at your disposal to design your dream. You will be welcomed and advised with care, followed with punctuality and dedication to always satisfy your every desire so that the organization will reach the perfect success of every event that will give you a beautiful memory that will last forever.

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  • Torgiano
  • Umbira