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Tuan Nguyen Films

Tuan Nguyen, 31, Accounting Educatiorn I began to develop my artistic sense through music since my teenage years in a band as a composer and guitarist for a years. My passion for video came very fast with the realization of small video clips in my environment. am a lover of beautiful images and emotions; that's why chose to be in the wedding because all the ingredients are there to make something beautiful. Specialized in marriage but also in Fashion, Music and Corporate ( wwwhmt- films_net for Alain Figaret, Morgan, Etam, TFI, Mercure Hotel, Ibis, Louis Vuitton, Eiffel Tower, Philharmonie de Paris I seek above all to transcribe faithfully the moments that I film I try to bring an artistic, cinematic and sensitive touch of my own, through image processing and My goal is to tell your story by capturing the moments of life taken from life to achieve a unique film, mounted thoughtfully. I propose a completely different vision of video through a new look and a self- taught training compared to formatted professionals.

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