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Unique Ceremonies

Dear Bride & Groom,

Unique Ceremonies Celebrants have been able to join the team not only due to their writing and celebration skills but also because they are all passionate about weddings and thrive to make couples feel as special and unique as possible.

They understand that many brides & grooms consider their wedding ceremony in France as their ” real ” wedding despite its merely symbolic value. For this reason, Unique Ceremonies Celebrants genuinely take an interest in getting to know the couples they have the pleasure to meet, listening to them and suggesting ideas to suit them.

In its early days, Unique Ceremonies used to offer a whole range of services (Writing only, celebration only, etc.) but, as years went by, it became clear that most couples were interested in the most comprehensive offer: Bespoke Writing and Celebration Service.

Details of Services


Areas Covered

The following areas are covered.


  • Saint-Laurent-De Jourde