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The couple session that allows the bride and groom to relax a little and meet, is also an opportunity for the photographer to fully express his creativity and achieve unique shots in keeping with their personality. I really appreciate this privileged moment with the couple. I make myself forget married or future married while guiding them naturally. I can appreciate the complicity of lovers who, despite my presence, fully enjoy this moment of intimacy. The photos taken during the couple session are prepared for the most part in advance and usually done at the wedding venue in order to save the most time. As for the organization, I take care of everything! Following my identification and during our preliminary meeting of preparation, I will present you the different possibilities which will be offered to us. Whether civil, religious or secular, ceremonies are moments filled with emotion during which the bride and groom exchange their consents, unite their love and symbolize it by the covenants. While civil ceremonies are generally more formal, religious and secular ceremonies are very rich in emotion. The intensity of this stage allows me to capture your looks full of love and complicity but also the moving attitude of your loved ones during ceremonies. The ceremony is also the place where the newlyweds find themselves for those who choose not to see each other before. When the bride comes in, dressed in her dress, all eyes are on her. What I appreciate then is to make a photo of the groom at that moment: his look and emotion are so intense that it is unthinkable to miss a cliché that will immortalize the feeling he has experienced at this moment. More than at another time, the discretion of the photographer is paramount, that's why I do not use the flash and that I trigger in silent mode.

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